Mr Deluxe _ Biography

Mr Deluxe describes that of special kind or elegance, fineness and the highest in quality musically. His journey as dj started to breed back in his college days from 2003 he has been blasting Pretoria clubs scenes and slowly penetrated to Johannesburg night life, Swaziland and Botswana were affectionately blessed by his presence.

Learning how to dj using turn tables with a mini bedroom set up.Mr Deluxe was inspired by other dj’s at events playing with vinyl’s, he then moved on buying records and album compilations. He is on the deep house groove, minimal, deep tech and dub. Mr Deluxe dj sets are equipped with tracks that producers had put all their heart and emotions in them, while holding the crowd on the dance floors.

In 2014, the universe merged him with the owner of the successful record labels “Do It Now Recordings & Deepstitched” 2 beautiful album compilation had been released under the stable, and that has gained him recognition in the scene. Both albums titled “Tailored For The Soul” were well received by the market and people are gradually getting his vibe and direction.

He says, his mission is to honour those who started the dj culture and house music, and ensure that the right path is set for the upcoming generation. In his words, music is what keeps us going and united as a world.

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